Mr.Greens Story

Our Story

Green Earth is a privately owned clean wood bio fuel and mulch product recycling company. We are concerned about not only our natural environment but also that of our employee working environment. Realizing that our most important asset is our employees, we provide unlimited training, promotional opportunities, excellent benefits and an open communication forum for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the amount of wood products sent to our landfills and provide clean wood products for use as bio fuel by our power plants locally and across the country. In addition, we are providing clean colored mulch for use in landscaping our highways, as well as residential homes, and employment opportunities for those in our community, thereby reducing unemployment locally.

The Process of Recycling

Green Earth's wood waste recycling operations process clean wood hauled to us by tree services and local households.  Using an excavator, the wood is loaded into the grinder to make wood chips. The wood chips are accumulated and sent to power generating facilities for use as bio fuel.  An additional product use is as mulch in highway and home landscaping projects

Helping California's Forest

Green Earth Management, LLC is in the process of working with California on removing dead trees out of our forest to maintain a healthier California. This will help with the growing problem of wildfires in our California terrain